Visitor Property Management

Every Building Management deals with Recording visitors data log on a daily basis. Actually, it is heavy difficult to log all the appointments made by these visitors and keep a record of them. Application usually named as visitor management system helps alot in recording information on visitors daily based transaction log which will helps security beyond it. The best common area which covered in visitor management will described below.

Daily Appointment based visitors

An appointment based system helps in ensuring security tremendously. The main aspect in this area is the visitor at the security entry check must be aware about visitor. In an appointment based system, normally a security person from the reception would give a call to the concerned person and confirm whether he/she is expecting a guest. This procedure has many disadvantages. First of all it wastes a lot of time. If the concerned person is not available at his/her seat the visitor has to wait at the reception. And the procedure of appointment does not get documented and hence one has to reply only on individual’s efficiency in the process. So in an appointment based system, the best practice would be to request the host to send a note/email to the reception and visitor badge should be made only for those for whom there is a note.
the organization.

All new IPhone 4S Smart Phone Spec

Do you know that The iPhone 4S comes with a higher processor, a great camera resolution, a smarter virtual assistant and twice the storage of its predecessor .. — if you gadget minded before and having a lot of them. Like the iPhone 3GS did before to the 3G, the 4S bumps the iPhone 4 down to second-class status, leaving those Apple fans who must have the best aspiring to own its decidedly familiar exterior. Apple says this is the most amazing iPhone ever. Is it? Yes, of course it is, but read on to see whether it’s really worth an upgrade

The changes to the iPhone 4S are easy to document – the camera has been upgraded to 8MP (with an improved aperture ratio), the CPU is now the same dual-core A5 processor as seen in the iPad 2, and a seven time increase in graphical processing power.

As your personal assistant without the salary the IPhone 4S can do anything like syncs with your YAHOO calendar and access various email accounts with no problems at all better than your Laptop

It’s so easy to create an event without re adding all the information in again.

The apps available are so cool and I can play games with my mates.

Write Your Own PHP Code in 30 Minutes

Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL

So what makes this book different from the others? In a word – simplicity.

This book, more than any other I’ve read on PHP, is geared toward the total beginner. All you need to know is HTML and you should be comfortable.

The book opens up with a good chapter on installing PHP and MySQL on both Windows and MAC – many times this can the hardest part when learning this stuff!

NOTE: I personally believe you don’t need to learn how to install PHP since 99% of us will be using a hosting company that already has PHP and MySQL installed.

The author then does a good job in presenting the core concepts and techniques needed to effectively use PHP and MySQL using a series of easy to follow examples.

Rather than presenting the specification, the material is presented in a real-world context. That is to say, you are taught with examples of task that are commonly needed in the real world.

Things like:

Interacting with HTML forms
Interacting with a MYSQL database
Using include files

Besides being taught the details of PHP programming and MySQL administration, you also learn how to put together a PHP/MySQL dynamic website. So not only do you get the details, you also get a global picture of the process …how all the pieces fit together.

A great beginners book to be sure and there is enough information for you to be able to start building simple database driven websites.

Once completed though, I would then consider a more comprehensive book that will get you into more of the down and dirty details.